The High Street Stompers Dixieland Band was formed in 1987 when all the original members were Professors in the School of Music at The Ohio State University. The band members were Tom Battenberg, trumpet; Gary Carney, trombone; Jim Curlis, drums; Robert LeBlanc, tuba; Jim Pyne, clarinet; and Paul Robinson, banjo. Paul Robinson is the only remaining member of the original band. Clarinetist Don Seelbach played in the band from 1992-2005. Tuba player Sid Townsend replaced Bob LeBlanc in 2000; trombonist Vaughn Wiester replaced Gary Carney in 2003; clarinetist Michael Cox replaced Don Seelbach in 2006 and drummer Jim Rupp replaced Jim Curlis in 2009. Tom Battenberg retired from the band in 2018 and Milo Mannino took over the trumpet chair.

For bookings, contact Sidney Townsend at (614) 890-2427